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Latest News

PPAGLA Awards Banquet Luncheon

Khai Le

The PPAGLA Annual Awards Banquet Luncheon will be held at Almansor Court in Alhambra on Saturday, April 1, 2017. The price will be $40 per person and $50 at the door. 

Almansor Court
700 S Almansor St, Alhambra, California 91801

Purchase tickets at -

PPAGLA 2017 Board Member Elections

Khai Le

Professional members can vote now up until Dec 31 for your 2017 Board of Directors. Ballots are cast online only and will only take a couple of minutes. The election is only open to Professional Members. Associate and student members cannot vote. 

Your vote is important to all of us - Please VOTE by December 31!


PPAGLA honors journalist Pete Noyes with Lifetime Membership

Khai Le

PPAGLA was honored today to induct longtime and esteemed journalist, Pete Noyes, as an honorary member.
Pictured are all of Pete's colleagues at the News Geezers luncheon who have worked with him over his 60+ year career in print and broadcast journalism.

Photo by John McCoy

Photo by John McCoy

SMPTE 2016

Khai Le

By Louis Gabriele


During Oktoberfest and before Halloween

SMPTE, celebrating 100 years, staged their Conference and Exhibition    

 at the Loew's Hollywood Hotel on Hollywood and Highland

The Conference  

 One could not help running into someone you know like George Hamilton, Jim Keller,             Ron Becker, John Brooks, Richard Friedel and Jerry Isenhower..  

Three days of the conference was filled with different speakers reporting on subjects related to old and new technology like "Return Loss: What, Why, How, and Where".

Marc Walker spoke about how return loss was important in analog television systems over 45 years ago. It is still an important parameter in today's digital transmission systems.    

"Managing Motion Picture Data"

The Suitcase is a short 20 minute film created at USC by Abi Corbin as a test.    Joshua KoldenMichael Malgeri and Nancy Silver spoke on how "today's" television and motion picture production workflows make it incredibly challenging to preserve and manage data throughout the production lifecycle. “The Suitcase,” is about a Logan Airport baggage handler who comes across one of the suitcases of a 9/11 hijacker. Joshua Kolden said, "The idea with ‘The Suitcase’ was to test whether we could create a technological pipeline that provides benefits to the production without negative impact that is also relatively invisible in the production process.”

 The Founder

The Society of Motion Picture Engineers (SMPE) was created in 1916 under the leadership of C. Francis Jenkins, an inventor from Washington, D.C. “T” was added in 1950.  SMPTE standards development work has been recognized by the Motion Picture and Television Academies often including this century milestone. AMPAS awarded SMPTE with a Special Awards Plague:  “For one hundred years, the Society’s members have nurtured technology, provided essential standards, and offered the expertise, support, tools and infrastructure for the creation and post-production of motion pictures."

The Exhibition


Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 4.28.08 PM.png


Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 4.28.42 PM.png

With the average age of SMPTE members increasing, the entertainment industry needs to attract and retain younger engineers to strengthen the ranks and the future. The Big Question: "Is the entertainment industry properly equipped to recruit, manage, mentor and retain the new generation?"  Join SMPTE today        

Fashion Photographer Turns Camera Lens on Rescue Dogs

Khai Le

Richard Phibbs travels the world photographing models and celebrities for publications including Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly and Vogue China.

When Phibbs is home in the U.S., he turns his camera lens on more unlikely subjects: rescue dogs at The Humane Society of New York who are in need of homes.

Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times Covers After the World Series

Khai Le

The Chicago Cubs finally won the World Series last night after 108-year drought. But what has some photojournalists talking are the cover photos published by two of Chicago’s biggest newspapers, the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times.

As you might remember, the Sun-Times (the 8th largest paper in the US by circulation) laid off its entire staff of photographers back in 2013 and then sent a memo to its reporters about training them in iPhone photography.

Member, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Bill Mochon has passed away at 74

Khai Le

Photo by Amy Gaskin

Photo by Amy Gaskin

We are saddened to bring news that PPAGLA member and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Bill Mochon has passed away at 74 after a short battle with cancer. 

Bill will have a Military Service with honors at Miramar National Cemetery this Weds. October 12 at 3pm.  The address is 5795 Nobel Drive, San Diego, CA.

A writeup on his life can be read here -

You can also view his Lifetime Achievement Award video below - 

Gov. Brown Makes Decisions on Slew of California Drone Bills

Khai Le

Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif., has vetoed several bills related to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), as well as signed one into law.

According to a Sept. 29 veto message, A.B.2724 would have required UAS hobbyists to be covered by “adequate liability insurance” and required manufacturers to include geofencing software on their GPS-equipped drones.

Coffee, Cameras, and Conversation with Mathieu Bitton at Leica Gallery

Khai Le


Please join us for an intimate conversation with Photographer Mathieu Bitton during our popular Lecture Series: COFFEE, CAMERAS & CONVERSATION. Mathieu will also be signing his New Book DARKER THAN BLUE (Ltd Ed 250). Available at Leica Gallery Los Angeles $50.

PPAGLA Event - Press Photographers at Canon Hollywood

Khai Le

Photo Workshop:  Press Photographers at Canon Hollywood

Saturday, October 15 All Day 9-5

FREE for Students!!!
Attend event and receive 1-year FREE membership to PPAGLA! 

PPAGLA provides fantastic networking, mentoring and real-world advice for students of all genres.  By joining, students also become eligible to enter the Student of the Year contest and win a camera and $1500 in prize money.

     Today's program will explore various subjects and technical demonstrations to help your work reach the next level. You don’t need to be Canon shooter to attend.

This all-day intensive will cover important topics for the student, emerging or mid career photographer covering events and news in LA today. This day will be filled with inspiration, education, and great networking opportunities.
Doors open at 8:30 for registration, light breakfast and networking. FREE for Students with ID and upon registration will be given a free one-year membership to PPAGLA.  $10.00 suggested donation (general public)

Lighting the 10-Minute Portrait; Hands on Demo with Dan MacMedan, USA Today
Careers — What’s Your Path?  Panel Discussion
The Photostory:  Francine Orr, Los Angeles Times
Advice from the Editors: What We Look For:  Panel Discussion
***Photographers and editors from: Getty, Reuters, USA Today, LA Times, AP, EPA, and others!

Canon Hollywood is located at 6060 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

The iPhone 7 Plus's Dual-Lens Camera, Tested By An Award-Winning Photojournalist

Khai Le

The new dual-lens camera of the new iPhone 7 Plus is possibly the most significant upgrade to an iPhone camera ever.

The iPhone 7 camera’s 28mm wide angle lens now has an aperture of f1.8, which allows 50% more light to reach the sensor. And the additional 56mm lens, Apple says, will have a number of implications for photo quality.

The improved aperture and the new lens, taken together, make the iPhone 7 Plus camera a far more capable tool for both amateur and pro photographers. But they also make it a more complex one. So we went to photographer Brooks Kraft for help testing the performance of the camera’s new features. Kraft covered the White House for Time from 2001-2011 (spanning both the Bush and Obama administrations) and was named International Photographer of the Year in 2013.

FAA Issues CNN Waiver to Fly Drones Over People

Khai Le

CNN announced this week that it became the first organization to be granted a waiver by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly unmanned aerial systems over people in the United States. The FAA continues to work on overall rules for drone flight over people and expects to issue a proposal for comment this winter. In the meantime, CNN said it received a certificate of waiver to operate the Fotokite Pro, a tethered platform that weighs less than two pounds, over uncovered people who are not directly participating in the UAS operation. As part of the waiver approval process, CNN also said that it demonstrated to the FAA that its operations could be conducted safely.

How Photojournalists Survive on the Trump & Clinton Campaign

Khai Le

Every day, you see the toll of the campaign trail in the eyes of Hillary and The Donald. But it’s equally as grueling for the security details, the journalists, and the campaign staffers who accompany them. From the beginning of campaign season (which now stretches to more than a year before Election Day) until a winner is declared in November, a rotating cast of reporters and photographers shadows the candidates as they travel the country. Yes, it sounds glamorous to hop on private jets with a person who may soon be president. And, yes, after doing that for months, the sheen wears off.

We spoke with Andrew Harnik, an award-winning Associated Press photographer who this year has been assigned to the Hillary Clinton campaign, and previously has covered the White House and the 2012 presidential race. He gave us some insight on what it’s like to be on the road with a presidential hopeful.

Brooks Institute in Ventura Closing

Khai Le

Brooks Institute, a visual arts school whose alumni include Academy Award and Pulitzer Prize winners, is permanently closing Oct. 31.

The school blames “changes in economic and regulatory conditions” for the closure, attorney Aaron Lacey told a group of roughly 85 students, faculty and staff who attended a meeting Friday called by owner Gphomestay.

The cast against the media - by the media

Khai Le

For decades, the pollsters at Gallup have been asking Americans if they trust their media. In 1974, the year Woodward and Bernstein brought an end to Richard Nixon’s presidency, 69 percent of them did. In a poll released last year, that number was at a historic low. Today, the only institutions Americans have less faith in than television news (21 percent) and newspapers (20 percent) are Congress and “big business.” That’s pretty damn low — humiliatingly low, especially for a group of people who fancy themselves members of “the Fourth Estate.” (For those of you who have never worked in the media, which is basically the only place anyone would still use that 18th-century term: It refers to the power of the press to balance that of the three estates — clergy, aristocracy, and the well-to-do — in the British Parliament.) The other three estates don’t really exist in 21st-century America, but the fourth’s high opinion of its role in the body politic has been pretty constant.