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Video Contest Winners

2012 Year End Awards - Video

Khai Le

Best Video Animal

1st Place - Karen Loberg / Ventura County Star

2nd Place - Sean Browning / KNBC TV

3rd Place - Ernesto Torres / KMEX TV

Best Video Live Coverage

1st Place - Edwin Calderon / KNBC-TV

2nd Place - Sean Browning / KNBC-TV

3rd Place - Sean Browning / KNBC-TV

Best Video Spot News

1st Place - Sean Browning / KNBC-TV

2nd Place - Ernesto Torres / KMEX-TV

3rd Place - Tom Bravo / KNBC-TV

Best Video Fire

1st Place - Ernesto Torres / KMEX-TV

2nd Place - Joel Fallon / KCBS-KCAL-TV

3rd Place - Joel Fallon / KCBS-KCAL-TV


Best Video Feature

1st Place - Andres Bonilla / KMEX-TV

2nd Place - Eric Trujillo / KNBC-TV

3rd Place - Juan Hernandez / KMEX-TV

Best Video Sports

1st Place - Tom Bravo / KNBC-TV

2nd Place - Andres Bonilla / KMEX-TV

3rd Place - Marilyn Chung / The Desert Sun

Best Video In-Depth

1st Place - Arturo Quezada / KMEX-TV

2nd Place - Joel Fallon / KCBS-KCAL-TV

3rd Place - Andres Bonilla

Best Video General News

1st Place - Hector Gonzalez / KMEX
2nd Place - Hector Gonzalez / KMEX
3rd Place - Hector Gonzalez / KMEX

Best Multi-Camera

Videographer of the Year

Sean Browning / KNBC-TV

Los Angeles Area TV Station of the Year