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How Photojournalists Survive on the Trump & Clinton Campaign

Khai Le

Every day, you see the toll of the campaign trail in the eyes of Hillary and The Donald. But it’s equally as grueling for the security details, the journalists, and the campaign staffers who accompany them. From the beginning of campaign season (which now stretches to more than a year before Election Day) until a winner is declared in November, a rotating cast of reporters and photographers shadows the candidates as they travel the country. Yes, it sounds glamorous to hop on private jets with a person who may soon be president. And, yes, after doing that for months, the sheen wears off.

We spoke with Andrew Harnik, an award-winning Associated Press photographer who this year has been assigned to the Hillary Clinton campaign, and previously has covered the White House and the 2012 presidential race. He gave us some insight on what it’s like to be on the road with a presidential hopeful.