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501 W. Glenoaks, #655
Glendale, CA 91202

Monthly Contest - Submit a Photo

Be sure to put your photo in the correct category, and be sure to follow the contest rules

File Naming Protocol
Single Entry Category: Month, Category, Photog’s Initials, Number of entry
Example: 12_GenNews_KL_01.jpg

Multiple Story Category: Month, Photog’s Initials, Name of photo story, Number of entry
Example: 12_KL_NameofPhotoStory_01.jpg

Category Abbreviations-
GenNews (General News)
SpotNews (Spot News)
Feature (Feature)
Portrait (Portrait)
SportAction (Sports Action)
SportFeat (Sports Feature)
Ent (Entertainment)

How to Enter
1.) Visit and use the username photo and password ppagla.

2.) Click on the category you want to upload to. For photo essays create a folder with your name to upload images into.

3.) Recommended for large uploads - click the lightning bolt next to add files to enable advanced upload mode. This requires java to be installed on your computer. 

4.) If you run into issues with advanced upload mode, you can use regular upload mode.

5.) You will able to view that your file was successfully uploaded to the contest category, but downloads will be disabled.