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Photo Contest Rules

Still Photo Contests


Monthly contest deadline is the 15th of each month.

Annual contest deadline is the 21st of January.

  • Annual contest entries must be re-submitted at the end of the year.
  • Each member can only submit a maximum of 30 photos total in the Annual Contest.


  1. The contest is open to members in good standing, only those whose dues are paid by Feb. 28 of the year you are submitting for.
  2. Entries may have been produced only during the course of an entrant’s membership.
  3. Prior publication of photos is NOT required.
  4. No entries will be accepted in print form.
  5. A MONTHLY contest entry may be entered only in the month it was taken or first published. A photo may not be entered in more that one monthly contest. ANNUAL entries must have been taken or first published between January 1 and December 31. Single monthly entries cannot be entered as part of a year-end photo essay.
  6. The monthly contest categories are:
    • General News - An organized event known in advance. Examples - demonstrations, political events, press conferences.
    • Spot News - An unscheduled or breaking event. Examples - fires, accidents, crime scenes.
    • Sports Action - A photograph capturing peak action or the competitive nature of a sports event.
    • Sports Feature - A sports related photograph of a non-peak action moment. Example - Jubilation/Defeat shots.
    • Portrait - A photograph revealing something about the subject's character or personality.
    • Photo Story - Max 10 photos per story / Max 3 stories per photographer
    • Feature - A found situation containing strong human interest.
    • Entertainment -  Music and performing arts. Examples - Concerts, performances.
  7. The Annual contest categories, in addition to News, Feature, Sports, Portrait and Photo Essay are:
    • Fire: Photos of firefighters involved in fires, rescues, etc.A
    • Animal: Animals featured prominently in the photo.
    • Music and Performing Arts: On or offstage.
    • UCLA Sports: Sports photo that involves a UCLA team or UCLA player.
  8. A monthly photo entry may be entered in ONE category only. No second entry in Photo Essay.
  9. Photo Essay entries may have no more than ten (10) photos to a story and a maximum of 3 stories per photographer.
  10. The judges or contest chair reserve the right to re-categorize photos to modify these rules as they see fit.
  11. All eligible monthly entries, win or lose, WILL NOT be automatically entered in the Annual Contest. All entries for Annual Contest must be re-submitted at the end of the year. A member can only submit 30 images total for the Annual Contest.
  12. Include the following information under the Photoshop "File Info" for each image.
    1. Caption field: image title or story title followed by complete caption. (DO NOT include your name.)
    2. Caption writer: Your three initials.
    3. Headline: Image Title or story title
    4. Byline: Photographer's name
    5. Credit: Your affiliation, and identify the organization for whom you made the photo.
  13. File Naming Protocol

    File Naming Protocol
    Single Entry Category: Month, Category, Photog’s Initials, Number of entry
    Example: 12_GenNews_KL_01.jpg

    Multiple Story Category: Month, Photog’s Initials, Name of photo story, Number of entry
    Example: 12_KL_NameofPhotoStory_01.jpg

    Category Abbreviations-
    GenNews (General News)
    SpotNews (Spot News)
    Feature (Feature)
    Portrait (Portrait)
    SportAction (Sports Action)
    SportFeat (Sports Feature)
    Ent (Entertainment)

  14. The monthly contest is limited to 10 entries per category. The annual contest is still limited to 30 entries.
  15. Monthly contest points will be awarded as follows:

    First Place = 30 points
    Second Place = 20 points
    Third Place = 10 points
    Fourth Place = 5 points.

    The photographer with the most points at the end of the year will be declared the winner. Ties will be broken as follows. Firstly, the photographer with the most first-place entries will be declared the winner. Secondly, a one-half point will be added to the score of each tied photographer for each monthly contest entered, win or loose. Any further tie will be broken by the Board of Directors as necessary. Their decision will be final.

  16. By entering the contest the photographer gives permission to reproduce the photo(s) in PPAGLA publications and web site. Copyrights remain with the photographer.
  17. DEADLINE: Entries must be mailed or delivered in time to be received by the contest chair no later than the 15th of the following month. All annual entries are due on January 21.